Sustainable Tourism in Costa Rico

Costa Rica is home to more than 500,000 species of wildlife making it home to one of the world’s most bio-diverse countries. This country covers just 19,730 square miles making it smaller than many states in the United States. The country is divided into 20 natural parks, eight biological reserves, and a series of protected areas where an amazing variety of wildlife live.


Sustainable Tours in Costa Rica


If you are planning a trip to Costa Rica, then make sure to consider going on a sustainable tour urges Wild Ark’s founder Mark Hutchinson. It is the mission of Wild Ark to encourage groups and individuals in biodiversity conservation. Choosing a tour promoting biodiversity helps to promote a healthier ecosystem around the globe.


See Diverse Animals


Studying individual species in their natural habitat is a great way to learn from them. Consider going on a sustainable Costa Rico tour where you can watch the strawberry poison dart frog morph itself from a frog with a red body and blue legs to a frog with a green body and black spots. Alternatively, consider going on a sustainable canopy tour to see the white headed capuchin monkeys use tools found in nature as weapons and to secure food for themselves and their babies to eat.


Promote Wildlife Habitat


While Mark Hutchinson says that many people are concerned about lions, tigers or elephants becoming extinct, it is important to protect wildlife from extinction. For example, in Costa Rico, no one has seen a golden toad since 1989. This frog lived only in the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve. Synchronous population crashes caused by climate change starting in 1987 may be the reason for the disappearance of the golden toad along with 20 of 50 other species living in the area.


Protect Global Biodiversity


Wild Ark proudly promotes the protection of biodiversity around the globe. Therefore, they suggest that when planning a trip to Costa Rica you deal only with businesses bearing the certification for sustainable tourism from the Costa Rica government.

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Kevin Seawright is What to Look for in a Leader

In a word, what Kevin Seawright does is assist. In a few more words, he assists people in need to get their finances and future on the right track.

Who he assists and how he does is a bit more of a pleasantly complex story to tell. Actually, as of late it can be broken down into two different categories. One, his organization helps people secure homes that are to their satisfaction and within their financial means.

And two, he helps youths establish fiscal and financial responsibility, in the hopes that they will maintain this foundation for the rest of their lives. Seawright achieves these goals through the RPS Solutions LLC organization for which he is the founder. Read more: Kevin Seawright Talks RPS Solutions LLC on The Larry Young Morning Show

RPS Solutions focuses its efforts in economically depressed neighborhoods to do some “grass roots” reshaping and reforming of communities. Their stomping grounds are Baltimore and the surrounding area. The primary mission of this firm is to provide affordable housing and homeownership opportunities to people from harder walks of life than others.

The guidance and services he provides for the people making up these areas is almost immeasurable, when the value of pride and wealth recognition associated with homeownership are considered.

It is also a long-time dream of Kevin Seawright, ever since his childhood from years old, to see a phenomenon such as this in action. It actually is somewhat of a family business, when one considers the contributions of his mother’s work to be very nicely done. It is hard to top deeds works like that, unless you are doing something for the kids.

Besides helping those most in need of home ownership reach the “American dream”, helping kids along their way is exactly what Mr. Seawright does. Partnering with NewarkWorks and other leadership officials, he helps bring life-way concepts through employment and program lesson on money management to young minds.

Anyone who seeks the services of this man can expect a good job early on in life, a strong sense of self-reliance through programs and an opportunity to buy a home when they are ready. What more can you ask for in a socially respectable business professional?

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Jason Hope, The Futuristic Author Who Is Among World’s Renown Technopreneurs

Jason hope is a businessman, a renowned futurist, and a philanthropist. Jason is based in Scottsdale, Arizona and most of his investments are in technology. Jason has a big heart, and he contributes a good amount of money he earns from his businesses to charity.

Jason Hope was raised in Tempe an area in Arizona. He attended the Arizona State University where he graduated with a degree in finance. He later went to advance his studies at the ASU’s WP Carrey School of Business where he got an MBA.

Jason Hope believes that good governance can only be achieved if citizens have the right leaders. He takes part in governance and politics to ensure that the citizens residing in Arizona area are well governed; he has a deep interest in national governance and policy making. Jason Hope is an ardent subscriber of the internet of things and is convinced that the internet of things is the largest advancement in the tech sector.

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Jason Hope is a great writer, and his articles are widely read all over the world by people who want to know what is happening in the tech industry. His article on The Internet of Things explains how technology allows different devices to work together. It also helps people to know how they can use one network to make sure that systems in a business run without wastage. The biggest enterprises in the world will benefit so much from this, and Jason hope is doing all he can to make sure entrepreneurs embrace it. Jason Hope believes that the world will only operate through the internet soon. Almost every appliance today is computerized, and it can be run through an app, and the advantage of this is that wastage will be significantly reduced.