How Gregory Aziz Restored National Steel Car As A Great Company

Gregory James Aziz is a Canadian businessman who was born on April 30, 1949. It was in London, Ontario, and he went on to graduate from Ridley College. He then graduated from the University of Ontario with a bachelor’s degree in economics. His first stop out of college was back at the business his family owned, an international food importer named Affiliated Foods. It brought in fresh food from all over the world and then sold it to wholesale markets in the eastern half of Canada as well as businesses in America.


In the late 1980’s Gregory J Aziz moved to New York City so that he could become an investment banker. He became acquainted with a Canadian firm while doing this called National Steel Car. This company, founded 106 years ago, was owned by Dofasco who had bought it in 1962. Dofasco did a really poor job of managing it and by the time that Greg Aziz researched the company he could see that it was in serious decline. He made an offer to buy it through his own company, National Industries, Inc., and Dofasco accepted his offer.


Once James Aziz owned National Steel Car he started working hard at restoring it to the company it once had been. This is a company based in Hamilton, Ontario, that build railroad cars for commercial rail operators in both the U.S. and Canada. He bought it in 1994 and the company was completely transformed by 2000. In 1994 it had 500 employees that could produce at most 3,500 railcars a year. In 2000 it could manufacturer 12,500 each year and employed 3,000 people. See Related Link to learn more.


Gregory J Aziz concentrates his effort on building railcars to move freight, not passengers. Among the types of railway freight cars his company operates today are tank cars, boxcars, flat cars, gondola cars, and hopper cars among others. Each railcar is designed for a specific type of freight, such as the gondola car which moves coal. The exception is the tank car which is more for general purpose uses and can be built both as insulated and uninsulated.


As the chief executive officer and chairman of the board of National Steel Car, Gregory J Aziz has strongly managed the strategic vision of this company for 24 years now. He has re-instilled pride in the employees of the company and has greatly helped the broader Hamilton community through his business activities and philanthropy.

Gregory Aziz and the New Partnerships of his Company

Led by Gregory James Aziz, National Steel Car is among the largest and oldest businesses in Canada to be working in the business of rolling stock manufacturing. The company both designs and manufactures the railroad transportation cars.



Up to date, the corporation is growing and is working with a number of clients both on short-term and on a long-term basis. Formerly owned by Dofasco, National Steel Car transitioned into an international business several years ago and is now available to clients based in the United States of America as well. One such client is the K+S Potash Canada. The corporation is based in Saskatoon, Canada. The company has a US extension which will be working with National Steel Car for the next couple of years.


The corporation made an order fo 531 railroad transportation cars. Of those, National Steel Car has delivered 177 custom built units, and later on, the manufacturing company will be providing the rest of the vehicles periodically. The K+S Potash has planned on using three trains, and those 177 cars will be enough for one of them.

According to the Senior Manager of the Logistics and Transportation, Mr. Steffen Brill, the first train will be enough to satisfy the weekly requirement of the company for the transportation part. After that, however, as their new mine grows, the company will require the rest of the vehicles they have ordered.


Mr. Stefen Brill also explained what the process would be for loading and transport. First off, the custom design of the cars is worth mentioning. It carries the same volume as a regular vehicle, but it is slightly shorter. In turn, that will allow the company to load them up in motion to increase their productivity. After that, the cars will be unloaded y an automatic conveyor and sent off to a highly modernized facility for handling the potash and then distributed around the globe.


K+S Potash’s partnership with National Steel car is mutually beneficial for the corporations. National Steel car has a vast capacity for manufacturing, and large numbers of units are no difficult task. The company started being able to produce up to 12 000 units a year after James Aziz became its owner.


James Aziz is currently holding the fill ownership of the business and is the sole leader of the company. His previous business experience was amassed when Greg J Aziz was working for the family company, Affiliated Foods. See This Article for additional information

David McDonald Implements Changes To Management Structure

David McDonald has been a presence at OSI Group for many years. He began working with the company as soon as he graduated college. Over the years he rose to the position of Chief Operations Officer and is now in charge of the global vision of the organization.

David McDonald has supervised several acquisitions that have improved the company’s profile in the food manufacturing business. OSI acquired Baho Foods and Flagship Food Group in an attempt to solidify the company’s presence in the European region. Each of these companies bring unique attributes to the business relationship. Leaders of both Baho Foods and Flagship Food Group are excited about the merger because it gives them an opportunity to use the resources of the largest food manufacturer in the industry.

Baho Foods has been in business for 60 years. The company has carved out its own market share with in Europe and will offer a great deal of variety to the OSI Group business model.How We’re Looking After the World.

Flagship Food Group is also a growing company of the European region. Flagship Food Group has a number of different specialties including mayonnaise and serving sauces. It is a thriving organization that continues to make acquisitions of its own. Q&A with Dave McDonald, President & COO, OSI Group.
David McDonald was influential in restructuring the management operations at OSI Group. He implemented a program that put a team of inspectors in place to travel the world and oversee the operations of all OSI Group facilities. The goal of the team is to ensure that every aspect of the company is operating up to the highest standards. Leaders in each region will be held accountable and thoroughly screened.

David McDonald and his team are confident that they can run an organization that will continue to grow for quite some time. Their hiring practices ensure a level of diversity that bring in the kind of team members who belong at OSI Group. There are currently over 20,000 employees working for the company.

David McDonald is originally from the state of Iowa. He attended Iowa State University and studied animal science. After completing his bachelor’s degree David McDonald joined the OSI team and has remained a member of the organization ever since. However, he has remained loyal to Iowa State University as an alumni. McDonald participates in giving back to his university on a regular basis.

OSI Group began as a family-owned organization and continues to support the same type of working concept. It has been able to grow throughout the years by forming key relationships with major food distributes such as McDonalds, Pizza Hut, Subway and Starbucks.

Talk Fusion: This Is Amazing

When people hear about Talk Fusion and use it, they are shocked in the best humanely way possible. They are also surprised they have not heard about it until now. The company has been around for a decade, but for some people, they might have overlooked it. It is just the truth, and it is not meant to disrespect this amazing company.

The company can sometimes fly under the radar if people are not paying attention. For a lot of other people out there, they are using it every single day and they are paying attention to all of the growth the company has had since it started in 2007. Learn more about Talk Fusion: and

It was founded and created by former police officer, Bob Reina. Now, they are better than ever and growing every second. They are at the top of their game.

It is backed up by the fact they won two awards in 2016 from the Technology Marketing Corporation ( One of the awards was for the 2016 Communications Solutions Product of the Year. They had to beat out some stiff competition, but when a product has the kind of improvements and advancements Talk Fusion had, it is no surprise they have received two awards in one year.

For those that are new to the game, Talk Fusion is a video communications provider that can be used for many things.

For some people, they just use it to communicate with friends and family in an easier way through their platforms like video emails and video chats. If someone is looking to build up their business and watch it grow, they use Talk Fusion for its video newsletters and video conferences.

It allows them to talk to people, pitch their product, and keep people in the loop on what is happening with the company. It is all about the individual and what they prefer to use the product for, as there is no right or wrong way to use Talk Fusion.

The only sin is for someone with a great idea not to use it. It would be a real shame to see a great idea go to waste.

Read more: Talk Fusion | Crunchbase and Talk Fusion | Wikipedia

Bob Reina: He Goes Big

For Bob Reina, it is not about the money. It is about saving lives. As a matter of fact, you won’t find someone out there that loves animals more than Bob Reina. He is in a league of his own when it comes to that category. There is only one Bob Reina in that regard. It is why he made a one million dollar donation to the Tampa Bay Humane Society. If Bob Reina could have all of the animals in the world in his house, he most likely would. However, there is only so much space in his house and so many animals that everyone can handle and take care of at the moment.


When things are looked at even deeper, it ends up being over a million dollars. In many cases, he has taken care of other people’s vet bills without wanting anything in return. Bob Reina does things because they are the right things to do and because he wants to do them. It is why he started Talk Fusion, the all-in-one video communications company in the first place. He wanted to help people out and he wanted to truly impact their lives in the most positive of ways.


Bob Reina knows a lot of people in today’s economic climate are having a tough time getting by, and he wants them to know there is nothing wrong with that. One of the greatest things about the world today is that people can pick up their bootstraps, get to work, and really change the course of their lives. They don’t have to be unhappy anymore. They can change that and they can be as happy as they want to be without any limits holding them back. Bob Reina’s Talk Fusion has video newsletters, video emails, video conferences, and video chats.


This is coming from a former police officer, which makes it all the more special. He is always looking for ways to help out his fellow man and his fellow woman. Of course, along the way, he does not forget about the little guys as well in the animals. Learn more:


Marketing Products and Services Through Talk Fusion

Marketing can be difficult at times for businesses wishing to relay their products and services to a vast number of individuals. Ideally, this calls for more efficient methods that may be used in relaying the services and products to customers. Talk Fusion can be acknowledged as one of the best if not the best, in this line of work. The company offers video marketing services for businesses wishing to advertise their products and services to customers. This has allowed the company to convey effective communication through email marketing and online meetings. The video marketing solutions being administered by Talk Fusion allow customers to add videos on various channels including their online chats, blogs, newsletters, emails and webinars much more quickly and easily than before. Learn more:

From the link, it is seen that Talk Fusion can be traced back to the year 2007 where the cofounder and CEO, Bob Reina came up with its idea. He sought to reach a vast number of individuals through videos in order to raise the market awareness of products and services being offered by different businesses. This helped businesses get the recognition to communities, friends and families across the globe. Talk Fusion offers all-in-one Video Marketing Solutions meaning that customers can access all information regarding the businesses with ease. Through the adoption of various dynamic methods of conveying information in the business world, Talk Fusion can be praised for making marketing a more engaging, memorable and persuasive experience through using videos.

It can be acknowledged that the company has come down through various aspects in the communication line in order to offer quality services to their customers. The company is proud to carry out marketing on a person-to-person basis through the Independent Associates which are located in over 140 countries. Marketing is much easier nowadays and this is due to what Talk Fusion has brought forth. Competition in the marketing line is now more efficient and enjoyable as customers receive information over various products and services. The company has also received recognition and worn various awards which entail to place it at the top.

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How Nathaniel Ru Creates A Great Legacy Restaurant From Scratch

Very few people can start from scratch when they take over a restaurant. Often times, many people gain ownership over a restaurant by buying a franchise. Even though independently owned franchises can have their advantages, they still need to have enough similarities with the other restaurants in the franchise in order to represent it well enough. Fortunately, Nathaniel Ru and his friends have found a way to start from scratch. One thing that helped them was inspiration from looking for some healthy choices in fast food. They were passionate about eating healthy while they were in college. At some point, they noticed an issue in the fast food industry. Learn more:


This world has a really discouraging outlook when it comes to health. For one thing, a lot of people are facing obesity problems. One of the cause of this issue is the indulgence age where there are tons of fast food joints being advertised for their tastiness. It doesn’t help that another message for healthier eating seems to suggest that one has to eat bland and tasteless food in order to gain a healthier body. Therefore, Nathaniel and friends have a lot of work to do in order to send out a different message. Learn more:


One thing that has inspired the owners of Sweetgreen is that they wanted to feed more people better food. They wanted to see people eat better and enjoy true health. The issue that they see in society is very multi-layered. For one thing, they have very little energy because of the overly processed foods. They also struggle with their weight and their body image. Therefore, people are stuck feeling like they are less valuable because of the ingredients that have been put into their food. However, they also need to have enough money to support themselves. Therefore, the dilemma is great. Learn more:


Nathaniel has decided to take on this dilemma with his brand of food. His whole point is to make it so that people are able to enjoy great tasting food while getting healthier. The whole point for his type of restaurant is to promote a healthier and happier lifestyle. Learn more: