Gregory Aziz and the New Partnerships of his Company

Led by Gregory James Aziz, National Steel Car is among the largest and oldest businesses in Canada to be working in the business of rolling stock manufacturing. The company both designs and manufactures the railroad transportation cars.



Up to date, the corporation is growing and is working with a number of clients both on short-term and on a long-term basis. Formerly owned by Dofasco, National Steel Car transitioned into an international business several years ago and is now available to clients based in the United States of America as well. One such client is the K+S Potash Canada. The corporation is based in Saskatoon, Canada. The company has a US extension which will be working with National Steel Car for the next couple of years.


The corporation made an order fo 531 railroad transportation cars. Of those, National Steel Car has delivered 177 custom built units, and later on, the manufacturing company will be providing the rest of the vehicles periodically. The K+S Potash has planned on using three trains, and those 177 cars will be enough for one of them.

According to the Senior Manager of the Logistics and Transportation, Mr. Steffen Brill, the first train will be enough to satisfy the weekly requirement of the company for the transportation part. After that, however, as their new mine grows, the company will require the rest of the vehicles they have ordered.


Mr. Stefen Brill also explained what the process would be for loading and transport. First off, the custom design of the cars is worth mentioning. It carries the same volume as a regular vehicle, but it is slightly shorter. In turn, that will allow the company to load them up in motion to increase their productivity. After that, the cars will be unloaded y an automatic conveyor and sent off to a highly modernized facility for handling the potash and then distributed around the globe.


K+S Potash’s partnership with National Steel car is mutually beneficial for the corporations. National Steel car has a vast capacity for manufacturing, and large numbers of units are no difficult task. The company started being able to produce up to 12 000 units a year after James Aziz became its owner.


James Aziz is currently holding the fill ownership of the business and is the sole leader of the company. His previous business experience was amassed when Greg J Aziz was working for the family company, Affiliated Foods. See This Article for additional information

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