Contributions of Vijay Eswaran to the QI Group

In addition to being the company’s chief executive chairman, Vijay Eswaran is also the founder of the Qi Group of Companies. He is also known internationally for public speaking and authoring several books and articles.

The QI Group specializes in different sectors including retail, hospitality, education, direct selling among many others. Vijay Eswaran is of Malaysian origin. Learn more about Vijay Eswaran:

The Qi Group has its headquarters in Hong Kong. He graduated from London School of Economics in 1984. After graduation, he stayed in Europe where he did several odd jobs. At some point, he worked at a construction site, picked grapes in France and also became a taxi driver in London. Later he got introduced to binary system marketing. After that, he obtained professional qualifications with CIMA and received an MBA from Southern Illinois University.

During this time, he worked at Synaptic and multilevel marketing on a part-time basis. Later, Eswaran returned to Malaysia and the Cosway Group approached him as an expansion strategy. It was through Cosway Group that he developed a keen interest in multi-level marketing.

In 1998, he founded QNET that has developed to the QI Group today. It is a global company with its presence in over 30 countries. The company has successfully managed to combine traditional methods of sales with the current e- commerce models.

Vijay Eswaran says that he sought to create a business that would merge direct sales approach with the revolutionized way of selling through the internet. In 1998, they purchased the rights to trade in the commemorative coins in the Sydney 2000 Olympics. In the year 2000, the QI Group emerged top three among the 42 distributors in the international market. Read more: Five Minutes With Dr. Vijay Eswaran, Executive Chairman, QI Group

Vijay participates in several economic forums where he addresses issues regarding the state of the economy. Additionally, he authored his first book In the Sphere of Silence in 2005.

He has authored several books including a collection of photography. Besides his entrepreneurial inclination, he is also known for his philanthropic activities.

He established Vijayaratnam Foundation through which, he runs community programs, mentorship programs, and makes donations to individuals and charities. He has received awards from New Global Indian for his philanthropic activities and a business excellence award at Global Indian Business Meet.

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