Madison Street Capital – article recap

The M&A Advisor held their annual award gala at the Metropolitan Club in Manhattan, New York City, on November 13, 2017. The winners of the 16th M&A Advisor Awards were revealed and the investment banking firm, Madison Street Capital, were the recipients of the event’s prestigious Debt Financing Deal of the Year Award. Madison Street Capital were honored with the award due to their advisory on the successful transaction for the WLR Automotive Group. The firm’s chief executive officer, Charles Botchway gave his acceptance speech and expressed his gratitude for winning and thanked his lead on the transaction, Mr. Barry Petersen who serves as the senior managing director for Madison Street Capital. Since 2001, the award gala has celebrated the financial industry’s top merger & acquisition deal makers every year.


Madison Street Capital is a privately held global investment banking firm with headquarters based in Chicago, Illinois. The firm provides expert financial advisory services that target all areas in the industry including bankruptcy, mergers & acquisition, buyouts, business valuation, tax planning, capital restructuring, alternative exit strategies and many other corporate financial services. For over 12 years, the Madison Street Capital reputation for excellence have allowed them to continue to provide the world with their expert services. They were recognized and honored over the years with numerous awards including their most recent win at the 16th Annual M&A Advisory Awards.


Madison Street Capital was founded by Charles Botchway in 2005. Mr. Botchway serves as the firm’s chief executive officer and continues his duties managing the entire strategic direction of the firm as well as its overall operation. The firm has become one of the fastest growing boutique investment firms in the whole world. Prior to his current position, Mr. Botchway was the co-chief executive office and vice chairman of Houlihan Smith & Company, Inc. Madison Street Capital have international offices located in Africa and Asia.


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How Gregory Aziz Restored National Steel Car As A Great Company

Gregory James Aziz is a Canadian businessman who was born on April 30, 1949. It was in London, Ontario, and he went on to graduate from Ridley College. He then graduated from the University of Ontario with a bachelor’s degree in economics. His first stop out of college was back at the business his family owned, an international food importer named Affiliated Foods. It brought in fresh food from all over the world and then sold it to wholesale markets in the eastern half of Canada as well as businesses in America.


In the late 1980’s Gregory J Aziz moved to New York City so that he could become an investment banker. He became acquainted with a Canadian firm while doing this called National Steel Car. This company, founded 106 years ago, was owned by Dofasco who had bought it in 1962. Dofasco did a really poor job of managing it and by the time that Greg Aziz researched the company he could see that it was in serious decline. He made an offer to buy it through his own company, National Industries, Inc., and Dofasco accepted his offer.


Once James Aziz owned National Steel Car he started working hard at restoring it to the company it once had been. This is a company based in Hamilton, Ontario, that build railroad cars for commercial rail operators in both the U.S. and Canada. He bought it in 1994 and the company was completely transformed by 2000. In 1994 it had 500 employees that could produce at most 3,500 railcars a year. In 2000 it could manufacturer 12,500 each year and employed 3,000 people. See Related Link to learn more.


Gregory J Aziz concentrates his effort on building railcars to move freight, not passengers. Among the types of railway freight cars his company operates today are tank cars, boxcars, flat cars, gondola cars, and hopper cars among others. Each railcar is designed for a specific type of freight, such as the gondola car which moves coal. The exception is the tank car which is more for general purpose uses and can be built both as insulated and uninsulated.


As the chief executive officer and chairman of the board of National Steel Car, Gregory J Aziz has strongly managed the strategic vision of this company for 24 years now. He has re-instilled pride in the employees of the company and has greatly helped the broader Hamilton community through his business activities and philanthropy.

Gregory Aziz and the New Partnerships of his Company

Led by Gregory James Aziz, National Steel Car is among the largest and oldest businesses in Canada to be working in the business of rolling stock manufacturing. The company both designs and manufactures the railroad transportation cars.



Up to date, the corporation is growing and is working with a number of clients both on short-term and on a long-term basis. Formerly owned by Dofasco, National Steel Car transitioned into an international business several years ago and is now available to clients based in the United States of America as well. One such client is the K+S Potash Canada. The corporation is based in Saskatoon, Canada. The company has a US extension which will be working with National Steel Car for the next couple of years.


The corporation made an order fo 531 railroad transportation cars. Of those, National Steel Car has delivered 177 custom built units, and later on, the manufacturing company will be providing the rest of the vehicles periodically. The K+S Potash has planned on using three trains, and those 177 cars will be enough for one of them.

According to the Senior Manager of the Logistics and Transportation, Mr. Steffen Brill, the first train will be enough to satisfy the weekly requirement of the company for the transportation part. After that, however, as their new mine grows, the company will require the rest of the vehicles they have ordered.


Mr. Stefen Brill also explained what the process would be for loading and transport. First off, the custom design of the cars is worth mentioning. It carries the same volume as a regular vehicle, but it is slightly shorter. In turn, that will allow the company to load them up in motion to increase their productivity. After that, the cars will be unloaded y an automatic conveyor and sent off to a highly modernized facility for handling the potash and then distributed around the globe.


K+S Potash’s partnership with National Steel car is mutually beneficial for the corporations. National Steel car has a vast capacity for manufacturing, and large numbers of units are no difficult task. The company started being able to produce up to 12 000 units a year after James Aziz became its owner.


James Aziz is currently holding the fill ownership of the business and is the sole leader of the company. His previous business experience was amassed when Greg J Aziz was working for the family company, Affiliated Foods. See This Article for additional information

Michael Lacey and Amazing History

Michael Lacey was born on September 26 of 1959 and is known for being one of the best American mathematicians. Before actually beginning his career Lacey had attended the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, where he was able to proudly receive his Ph.D. in 1987. He achieved this with the help of Mr. Walter Philipp.

His first thesis happened to of been involved in the study of probability in Banach spaces. During this same time, he was able to solve a problem that was involved with the law of the iterated logarithm. Learn more about Michael Lacey: and

Some of his most important years, however, happened to be his intervening year when most of his work was touched among the areas of ergodic theory, probability and harmonic analysis.

From 1989 until 1996 Michael Lacey was able to proudly hold a job at Indiana University. During the time that he worked at the university, he was able to receive a Postdoctoral Fellowship. It was during his tenure of the fellowship that he decided that he wanted to begin the study on the bilinear Hilbert transform. Read more: Michael Lacey | Wikipedia and Michael Lacey |Math Alliance

During this time the transform happened to be the subject of a conjecture that was by Alberto Calderon that in 1996 was solved by Christoph Thiele and Lacey. Both of the men happened to receive the Salem Prize for solving the transform.

Ever since 1996, Michael Lacey has been at Georgia Institute of Technology as a Professor of Mathematics. It was during 2004 that Lacey received a Guggenheim Fellowship for all of his joint work that he had done with Mr. Xiaochun Li.

In 2012 Michael Lacey was able to proudly move on and take his place as being a member of the American Mathematical Society. All of his achievements has allowed Michael Lacey to become highly known among the Mathematical society today.

David McDonald Implements Changes To Management Structure

David McDonald has been a presence at OSI Group for many years. He began working with the company as soon as he graduated college. Over the years he rose to the position of Chief Operations Officer and is now in charge of the global vision of the organization.

David McDonald has supervised several acquisitions that have improved the company’s profile in the food manufacturing business. OSI acquired Baho Foods and Flagship Food Group in an attempt to solidify the company’s presence in the European region. Each of these companies bring unique attributes to the business relationship. Leaders of both Baho Foods and Flagship Food Group are excited about the merger because it gives them an opportunity to use the resources of the largest food manufacturer in the industry.

Baho Foods has been in business for 60 years. The company has carved out its own market share with in Europe and will offer a great deal of variety to the OSI Group business model.How We’re Looking After the World.

Flagship Food Group is also a growing company of the European region. Flagship Food Group has a number of different specialties including mayonnaise and serving sauces. It is a thriving organization that continues to make acquisitions of its own. Q&A with Dave McDonald, President & COO, OSI Group.
David McDonald was influential in restructuring the management operations at OSI Group. He implemented a program that put a team of inspectors in place to travel the world and oversee the operations of all OSI Group facilities. The goal of the team is to ensure that every aspect of the company is operating up to the highest standards. Leaders in each region will be held accountable and thoroughly screened.

David McDonald and his team are confident that they can run an organization that will continue to grow for quite some time. Their hiring practices ensure a level of diversity that bring in the kind of team members who belong at OSI Group. There are currently over 20,000 employees working for the company.

David McDonald is originally from the state of Iowa. He attended Iowa State University and studied animal science. After completing his bachelor’s degree David McDonald joined the OSI team and has remained a member of the organization ever since. However, he has remained loyal to Iowa State University as an alumni. McDonald participates in giving back to his university on a regular basis.

OSI Group began as a family-owned organization and continues to support the same type of working concept. It has been able to grow throughout the years by forming key relationships with major food distributes such as McDonalds, Pizza Hut, Subway and Starbucks.

Talk Fusion: This Is Amazing

When people hear about Talk Fusion and use it, they are shocked in the best humanely way possible. They are also surprised they have not heard about it until now. The company has been around for a decade, but for some people, they might have overlooked it. It is just the truth, and it is not meant to disrespect this amazing company.

The company can sometimes fly under the radar if people are not paying attention. For a lot of other people out there, they are using it every single day and they are paying attention to all of the growth the company has had since it started in 2007. Learn more about Talk Fusion: and

It was founded and created by former police officer, Bob Reina. Now, they are better than ever and growing every second. They are at the top of their game.

It is backed up by the fact they won two awards in 2016 from the Technology Marketing Corporation ( One of the awards was for the 2016 Communications Solutions Product of the Year. They had to beat out some stiff competition, but when a product has the kind of improvements and advancements Talk Fusion had, it is no surprise they have received two awards in one year.

For those that are new to the game, Talk Fusion is a video communications provider that can be used for many things.

For some people, they just use it to communicate with friends and family in an easier way through their platforms like video emails and video chats. If someone is looking to build up their business and watch it grow, they use Talk Fusion for its video newsletters and video conferences.

It allows them to talk to people, pitch their product, and keep people in the loop on what is happening with the company. It is all about the individual and what they prefer to use the product for, as there is no right or wrong way to use Talk Fusion.

The only sin is for someone with a great idea not to use it. It would be a real shame to see a great idea go to waste.

Read more: Talk Fusion | Crunchbase and Talk Fusion | Wikipedia

Securus Technologies Makes Converting to the Outside Easy

One social entrepreneurship that is gaining attention around the world is Securus Technologies. Securus Technologies was founded in the 1980s and has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas. Since then, Securus Technologies has spread throughout Texas and even has a regional office in Atlanta, Georgia.


Securus Technologies exist in order to help inmates become the best version of themselves. This is done on two fronts. The first front is to decrease the crime inside correctional facilities. The second front is to mold and disciple inmates so that they can become productive citizens when they enter back into the real world.


Securus Technologies helps correctional facilities decrease inmate crime through two resources they offer. The first resource is what they call Cell Defender. Cell Defender is a product that can sense and locate contraband cell phones within the prison system. Once Cell Defender is able to pinpoint the location of a contraband cell phone, it can erase messages and read those already raised as well as monitor current communications. The second resource is a product known as Wireless Containment Solutions. This product simply shuts off the internal Wi-Fi capabilities of cell phones.


Securus Technologies has gone further than most other defense corporations. They believe that to have lasting change that a prison inmate’s heart must be transformed completely.


Securus Technologies offers inmates one of their cell phones in place of a contraband cell phone. The cell phones the Securus Technologies offers come with special features to help inmates grow. These cell phones offer the capabilities of video chatting with your loved ones, taking online courses and getting certificates, and looking for job prospects on the outside.


Because of Securus Technologies, correctional facilities are seeing a 20% increase in inmate conversion efficiency when they adapt to life back in the real world.


Controversial US Education Secretary – Staunch Reformist And Innovator

Accompanied by First Lady Melania Trump and Jordan’s Queen Rania, Education Secretary Betsy Devos visited Excel Academy, an all-girls school in Washington. She traveled to Florida after for a two-day tour of five different academic institutions. The schools included a private Christian academy, two universities, a charter school founded by Rapper Pitbull, and a conventional public elementary school. Devos exemplifies the virtues of hard work and commitment to make private education available for lower-income families.


Two Betty Devoses


Many old-time residents of Grand Rapids in Western Michigan admit they find it hard to bring together the Betsy Devos of old and Betty Devos today who serves as the contentious education secretary in President Donald Trump’s official family. Most people perceive the first Betty as generous and practical even by critics who despise her political openness and preference for charter schools. Meanwhile, Secretary Betty looks more like an insensitive, unqualified, and insulated public official.


Americans who knew and continuously observed Betsy Devos for the past years witnessed how the top advocate of charter educational institutions and school vouchers threw her weight around. In the woman’s home state, she gained the status of a ruthless and competent political warrior who used the wealth of her family to rebuke adversaries and reward loyal supporters. Betsy Devos loved to maintain a low profile and lobbied actively in passing laws and ousting legislators who disagreed with her. Learn more:



Lack of Experience


Mrs. Devos came to the White House with barely any experience in the government and almost no previous ties with President Trump. She took over a large department with most senior positions vacant. In the controversy of transgender bathroom access, the secretary appeared outdone by former Senator and now Attorney General Jeff Sessions with many years of experience in Washington and known colleague of the President. The Philanthropy Roundtable calls Betsy Devos a reformer. For over three decades, she spearheaded numerous political campaigns, party groups, and action committees.


Despite her short experience in governance, Betsy Devos pursued a lot of reforms using different nonprofit roles. She remains the chairperson of the Dick and Betsy Devos Family Foundation with a broad assortment of charitable initiatives. The education secretary grew up in Holland Michigan and started out working with the car parts firm of her father, Edgar Prince who built and nurtured a billion-dollar enterprise. Betsy married Dick Devos who comes from a more illustrious and wealthy family. His father founded Amway, the multilevel marketing giant.



Bradesco To Name A New CEO Soon As Luiz Carlos Trabuco Is Appointed The Chairman Of The Bank

The chairmanship and the presidency of a corporation such as Banco Bradesco SA, the second most significant private bank in Brazil, are essential to the smooth running of an institution. Historically, both the positions at Bradesco have been held by one person, but it is not uncommon for two different people to serve at the posts. Amado Aguiar, the founder of the bank, was both the first president and CEO of Bradesco.

He stepped down as president in 1981 allowing Lazaro de Brandao to be the second CEO of the institution. Between 1981 and 1991, Brandao was the CEO of Bradesco while Aguiar served as the chairman of the board of directors. However, Aguiar stepped down in 1991 allowing Brandao to assume both positions. For eight years, Brandao was both the chairman and the CEO OF Bradesco. He abdicated the presidency duties to Marcio Cypriano in 1999 while remaining the chairman until last month when he resigned.

Cypriano was the president of the bank until 2009 when the current CEO, Luiz Carlos Trabuco took over. Following last month’s resignation of the 91-year-old Brandao, Bradesco named Trabuco the new chairman of the board of directors according to

The chairman of the board represents the Bradesco Foundation which is the controlling shareholder of Bradesco. Presently, Trabuco is the chairman and CEO of the Osasco headquartered bank. However, he may not hold both offices as long as Aguiar or Brandao as his term as CEO will come to an end in March next year. While Trabuco will relinquish the presidency, he will serve as the chairman of the bank until when he sees it fit to resign. Brandao resigned at 91 having been the chairman of the bank for 26 years.

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Luiz Carlos Trabuco

Trabuco, 66, has remained a loyal employee of the bank for close to 48 years. Attempts have been made to poach him. For instance, the former President Dilma Rousseff requested Trabuco to serve in her cabinet as the Minister of Finance, but he was disinterested in leaving Bradesco, a place that gave him a head start. In the spirit of reciprocity, Bradesco has rewarded Trabuco. He joined the bank as a clerk, but he is now both the CEO and the chairman of the bank; the topmost positions an employee can be rewarded with.

But it did not start in 2009; Trabuco has held various important positions at the Osasco based bank. For instance, before the bank named him the CEO, Trabuco was the president of Bradesco Seguros. Also, he was the CEO of Bradesco Vida e Previdência between 1992 and 1998 among other critical positions. On his part, Trabuco has never disappointed. For instance, when he was the CEO of Bradesco Seguros (2003-2009), the subsidiary doubled in size, and it improved its performance in the group’s result from 25 percent to 35 percent.

Trabuco’s performance has always drawn the attention of the Brazillian financial industry and as a result, he been recognized and even awarded on numerous occasions. For instance, he won the 2009’s Don Quixote Trophy on The Forbes Magazine, Isto É Dinheiro Magazine, and other publications have recognized Trabuco’s role in the country’s banking sector. Isto É Dinheiro Magazine identified him as the “Entrepreneur of the Year,” in the finance category in 2015, and Forbes Magazine recognized him as one of the “Best CEOs in Brazil” in 2016.

Who will take over from Trabuco? Although the bank is prospecting for a candidate silently, one of the following seven professionals may succeed Trabuco.

• André Rodrigues Cano
• Octavio de Lazari
• Marcelo de Araujo Noronha
• Josué Augusto Pancini
• Domingos Figueiredo Abreu
• Alexandre da Silva Gluher
• Mauricio Machado de Minas

Find more about Luiz Carlos Trabuco:,prisao-dos-irmaos-batista-nao-impactam-risco-da-jbs,70001996105

Daniel Taub is Leaving Office: His Graceful Farewell

It was when fulfilling his illustrious meeting with the Queen, the first time Daniel Taub presented his qualifications. However, there is just another announcement. It was included with an outfit he wore which was called remarkable by the press. The morning tail jacket, the striped pants and also the mirror-shined dark shoes had been just too good to be true.


It said firmly one significant truth about his life: born in Britain in 1962, he can be one among the country’s top diplomats. But, nothing was about to adjust his faith and history as an Orthodox Jew. But, because he contributes to Israel, that’s been plain to everybody else who’s met him throughout his time in office.


He stated in the Kensington office he’s very privileged that he’s raising his kids within their historical homeland after an exile of 2000 years. “However, should I look in my own children’s history, I am also conscious of the best opportunities and expect that they found them here in this nation and that I expect to have the ability to state my admiration of this fact by bringing the two countries closer together.”


Many generations of people feel the same way. He is a highly admired man. In a farewell reception in his home, his new guests said exactly the exact same thing – that they truly are more than simply sorry to see him move. For all, the records may reveal he’s been shown to be most possibly the most popular and successful Israeli since Shlomo Argov – who was nearly fatally shot at London in 1982.



Daniel Taub was in Israel amid crises. Setting Israel’s case into the federal government and, in addition to conversing with the networking on platforms such as News night, as well as in sessions together with teachers and professors and women was a top priority. “Should you find the assortment of joint and academic research co-operation, when you take a close look at the quieter strategic co-operation that we’ve seen, it’s really a fantastic feeling.”


Plus, it’s been a fantastic sense to understand that relationships between both nations are most likely nearly as good and as strong as they’ve ever been.


“For Israel, Britain is also a very essential nation. It plays with an extremely critical part in Europe but outside this, British networking is effectively the social networking. Britain is the economic center of the whole world. All of those things make it rather crucial. Notably, to be here while the Middle East is moving through such dramatic variations in an attempt to participate in this dialog, asking how can we create these changes together, just how do we keep ourselves on precisely the exact same accord?” These are the excellent questions he has asked himself.


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